- Anytime and Everywhere Cash!
  • Commission payout in Real-Time
  • Purchase online in Real-Time (Gold, Silver and much more)
  • Immediately available with AU PayCard - Your Debit Mastercard
  • Better Foreign Exchange rates than your bank
  • Apply for your Wallet for free now

You are always there for your customers!

We developed the AU PayCard according to the same principle:

Your commission is available anytime and anywhere on your wallet in real time.

1. Open WALLET

Open your wallet

Only available for private persons, not for corporate

  1. Open your wallet in the partner login

  2. Please fill out the form with your details

  3. Please enter the confirmation code that we sent you via SMS

  4. You will receive the link to the wallet app via SMS.
    Download our APP & enjoy the advantages of AU PayCard

2. Validate WALLET

Validate your wallet quickly & online
Get your AU PayCard

  1. Card and App Process

  2. Passport upload

  3. Scan face

3. Wallet Payout

With your partner login

  1. Enter the mobile number of your wallet

  2. Link your wallet to your payout

  3. To complete the process, go to your wallet app and confirm the link to your commission account

  4. Done!
    Your wallet is linked to your commission account.


You have successfully completed all steps.

In Real-Time:
Anytime and Everywhere Cash!

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